Henry Moore of Clinton, N.C., owns and manages Bobcat Farms LLC, a 5,300-head farrow-to-wean and 8,800-head finishing facility used for gilt development and breeding. Bobcat Farms markets 115,000 hogs per year. The farm also includes a 200-head cow/calf operation and 750 acres for hay and small grain.

Nationally, Moore is serving his first three-year term on the National Pork Board. He serves on the Producer and State Relations, Producer Services and Trade committees. He served on the Environmental, Administrative and Audit committees. He is an Operation Main Street (OMS) and OMS 2.0 speaker, a 2005 Pork Leadership Academy graduate and a 2006 National Environmental Steward winner. At the state level, he serves on the North Carolina Pork Council board of directors and has served on the Executive Committee.

Locally, Moore serves on numerous agricultural and community boards and associations.

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