Solicit, screen, interview, evaluate and recommend candidates to the Pork Act Delegate Body to be elected as nominees to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture for appointment to the National Pork Board, and also for open seats on the Pork Board Nominating Committee.

Composition of Nominating Committee

  • Four members elected by the Pork Act Delegates to staggered 2-year terms
  • Two producers named by the Pork Board for 1-year terms to ensure diversity
  • The chair will be the immediate past president of the Board
  • Familiarity and knowledgeable about Pork Board programs of Promotion, Research, and Consumer Information
  • Familiarity and knowledge about the inner workings, demands, responsibilities and expectations of service on the Pork Board
  • Knowledge about producers who exhibit national leadership skills
  • Ability to conduct themselves in an open, unbiased and objective manner
  • Knowledge about the Pork Industry/Pork Chain
  • Some members must possess relevant experience and background in the work of the committee, the NPB, States, organizational business
  • Represent a variety of geographic areas, producer types and interests, ideas, opinions, perspectives, styles of operation, gender, size of operation, and other areas of diversity

Candidate Qualifications for Pork Board or Nominating Committee

  • Produces porcine animals in the US for sale in commerce
  • Involvement in the US pork industry
  • Familiarity with the pork associations work in their county and state
  • Willingness to devote the time and effort to stay abreast of issues
  • Do the required homework to be a knowledgeable Board member
  • Attend meetings faithfully
  • Contribute to meetings and discussions
  • Represent the Board and the industry as required
  • Reveal any conflict of interests and recuse themselves as necessary
  • Represent a variety of geographic areas, producer types and interests, ideas, opinions, perspectives, styles of operation, gender, size of operation, and other areas of diversity


Approximate timeline for the Nominating Committee process is:

  • Mid-Summer – First Nominating Committee conference call to go over list of possible candidates and welcome new members
  • Mid-August – Mailing to states for Pork Board and Nominating candidates with application materials
  • Ongoing – Throughout recruitment process, Nominating Committee members actively recruit and communicate with possible candidates about the involvement and commitment of Pork Board members
  • Beginning of November – Deadline for applications
  • Early to mid-December – Candidate interviews
  • March – Pork Industry Forum. New Board members are elected by the delegate body and ranked for submission to the Secretary of Agriculture for formal appointment. All Nominating Committee members attend Forum as well as all Board candidates.

12 State Rule

Before recommending a slate of Pork Board candidates to the Delegate Body, the Nominating Committee will ensure that the “12 State Rule” has been satisfied. This means that if a Pork Board candidate is from a state which already has a Board member, the candidate may have to be ranked below the top 5, so delegates will not have to re-rank candidates.  (For a complete description of the 12 State Rule, please refer to the Pork Act and Order.)


The NPB Nominating Committee will rank all of the candidates presented to the delegates. This ranking is a service to the delegates, providing them with additional information about the candidates in order to make a more informed decision. However, rather than giving each candidate only one single overall score the Nominating Committee will rank each candidate in the 5 essential components of Board Member qualification:

  1. Industry Knowledge – Big picture
  2. Pork Board & Checkoff knowledge, programs, ideas
  3. Leadership skills – Active involvement/experience
  4. Communications
  5. Attitude – Passion and commitment to the pork industry

Conflict of Interest

The Nominating Committee is covered by the Board’s Conflict of Interest policy. Each Nominating Committee member will sign a certification agreeing to disclose any Conflict of Interest and to recuse themselves from discussing, voting on or deciding any matter where a personal or professional Conflict of Interest or the appearance of one exists, as between a PBNC member and a candidate. Immediate family relationships automatically trigger this recusal from this category.

Other business or personal relationships will be judged on the individual fact situation. When in question, the Committee, by majority vote of a quorum, will determine if such conflict of interests exists. The Committee chair will have discretion to allow the conflicted member to participate in the discussion to ensure that all pertinent information is gathered, but will make every effort to limit undue influence. The Pork Board will be the final arbiter of Conflict of Interests situations.

Last Revised: 08/10/2016