Please complete the information below to indicate your interest in serving on a 1)Pork Checkoff Program Advisory Committee or 2)in running for a seat on the Pork Board or 3)The Pork Checkoff Nominating Committee.  Program Advisory Committees are evaluated annually and changes made accordingly. Please see committee list attached.

*National Pork Board Committee Members must have a current PQA Plus® certification and all of their production facilities must maintain PQA Plus® site assessment status.

National Pork Board Committee Interest Form

For more information please feel free to contact Sharlotte Peterson at the National Pork Board.
Sharlotte Peterson
P: 515.223.2614
E:  [email protected]


National Pork Checkoff Advisory Committees

Time Commitment- 2 Meetings per year

Term: Eligible for 2- 3 year terms

Animal Science

To identify opportunities to enhance producer competitiveness and profitability through animal science related and producer directed research and information programs

Animal Welfare

To maintain and promote the pork industry tradition of responsible animal care through the application of scientifically sound animal care practices. Efforts include: Advance producers’ awareness of emerging animal welfare issues; Provide information and education to improve animal care skills; support scientific research to enhance animal well-being; provide information for greater public understanding and awareness about producer’s commitment to providing humane care.

Domestic Marketing

To utilize an effective corps of pork producers and industry representatives, with an in-depth knowledge of the objectives and strategies and tactics of NPB’s overall Domestic Marketing program, to provide a high-level sounding board; to provide continuous input and direction into DM efforts to improve consumer preference for pork.. To evaluate and recommend ways to enhance the domestic expenditures for U.S. pork through programs of promotion, advertising, public relations, consumer information, product marketing, product and marketing research, etc.


To develop proactive programs to help producers meet the challenges for responsible pork production and protect the environment, while maintaining the economic competitiveness of the U.S. pork industry.

Pork Safety, Quality & Human Nutrition

Utilize sound science to anticipate and address consumer’s needs and expectations of wholesome and nutritious pork products to increase pork consumption.

Producer and State Services

To provide guidance and input to the Producer Services and Communications departments on how to best achieve the goals and objectives established by the Board of Directors in the Strategic Plan.

Public Health and Producer Safety

To utilize sound science to proactively address public health and producer safety issues that may affect human health, the productivity of swine herds and global trade of U.S. pork. To provide producer and public audiences with science-based materials that can be used to protect public health and ensure consumer confidence in the safety of pork production.

Swine Health

To review and act on the strategic health issues which may affect the productivity of swine herds and global trade issues. To make recommendations to allied industry and producers to maintain and improve swine herd health. To collaborate with other animal health related entities and organizations in order to more effectively solve U.S. swine health issues.


To seek out and pursue, any and all legitimate avenues to market U. S. pork worldwide. In this endeavor, to adhere to the principles of free and fair trade, while utilizing all available tools to enhance U.S. pork’s status as a net positive exporter. To collaborate with the USMEF and USDA’s FAS to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of program efforts to market U.S. Pork worldwide.

*Disclaimer – Please note there are limitations on the size of committees, number of advisors, and term limits, so individual committee needs change from year to year.  If there is not a need this year, your name will be added to our list for future consideration as the needs arise.