What is it like to serve on a national board or committee?

National Pork Board

The Board of Directors has the ultimate responsibility and accountability, in collaboration with USDA under the Pork Act and Pork Order, for the collection of national pork Checkoff funds, their disbursement to state organizations, and their investment in industry promotion, research and consumer information programs, to enhance the marketing of U.S. pork and pork products. Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the National Pork Board by downloading the Board Member Duties and Responsibilities document.

Time Commitment

There is an expectation that board members will make every effort to attend meetings and conference calls. The following activities are the general responsibilities of the Board’s schedule:

  • January – Board meeting, location TBD
  • March – Board meeting and National Pork Industry Forum, location TBD
  • April – Conference call (tentative and as needed)
  • June – Board meeting at World Pork Expo, Des Moines, IA
  • July – New Board Orientation (webinar)
  • August – Conference call (tentative and as needed)
  • September – New Board Orientation (in-person) and Board meeting, Des Moines, IA
  • October – Conference call (tentative and as needed)
  • November – Board meeting, Des Moines, IA

In addition, Board members typically join and participate in one or two program committees which could meet during the calendar year, depending on the committee.

PQA Plus/Site Assessment Requirements

If a member is not currently both PQA Plus certified and Site Assessed, the individual must be willing to become compliant prior to taking office.

Board Members Selection System

  • The Board consists of 15 members
  • Members serve a 3-year term, and may serve two consecutive terms
  • Five Board seats are appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture on an annual basis
  • The five appointees must come from a list of eight candidates ranked by Pork Act Delegates
  • A minimum of 12 states must be represented on the Board of Directors
  • Officers are elected by the Board of Directors on an annual basis

Nominating Committee

The National Pork Board uses a Nominating Committee to seek candidates for appointment to the National Pork Board and to its Nominating Committee. The Goal of the Nominating Committee is to execute a fair process that provides opportunity for every interested producer. Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the Nominating Committee by downloading the Nominating Committee Duties document.

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National Pork Board Advisory Committees

The National Pork Board has nine Advisory Program Committees (Animal Science, Animal Welfare, Domestic Marketing, Sustainability, Pork Safety, Quality & Human Nutrition, Producer & State Services, Public Health & Safety, Swine Health, and Trade). The Committee system provides in-depth analysis and oversight of specialized projects and programs, including the planning, budgeting and goal setting review and evaluation. Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the Advisory Program committees by downloading the Advisory Committee Responsibilities document.

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For more information contact:

National Pork Board and Nominating Committee
Denise Yaske
[email protected]
(515) 233-2763

All other committees
Sharlotte Peterson
[email protected]
(515) 223-2614