The Producer Opportunity for Revenue and Knowledge (PORK) Academy sessions take place during the annual World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa. The annual seminar is designed to educate pig farmers on the latest trends in pork production. The two-day seminar is broken into 10 different sessions. These sessions allow pig farmers the opportunity to learn more about upcoming initiatives and how the Pork Checkoff dollars are being allocated. When pig farmers leave they should go home with more knowledge and new ways to advance their operations.

2017 Pork Management Conference

The Pork Management Conference brings together producers, owners, growers, packers, chief financial officers, chief executive officers, human resources, safety directors, controllers, accountants, risk managers and allied representatives from across the U.S. pork industry to expand their industry knowledge, financial sophistication, industry outlook, latest industry trends, and help anticipate future challenges while networking with industry leaders and creating a vision. This is accomplished through presentations, breakout sessions and networking, attendees gain important insight to improve the performance and efficiency of their operation. The annual conference is held in April rotating locations throughout the U.S.

Past Conference Presentations

The Swine Education In-Service provides swine extension specialists and education partners the critical information necessary to guide and inform pork producers. This two-day in-service allows swine educators and extension specialists the chance to gather in one location to discuss the current swine industry, broaden their knowledge and network with fellow educators.

Additionally, the in-service offers up to 45 attendees a chance to explore the agriculture scene in the host city the day before the in-service begins. The optional tours provide attendees a look into other ag sectors and food production processes.



The Pork Checkoff sponsors conferences and seminars to provide producers with timely and accurate information.

Presentations from Checkoff sponsored conferences and seminars are provided. For more information please contact the Pork Checkoff Service Center (800) 456-7675