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Animal Well-Being

Pork producers are committed to making sure their animals are treated humanely. Not only is that the right thing to do, but anything less would be self-defeating. Consumers also are concerned about the treatment of swine during production and desire accurate information on pork production. The Pork Checkoff understands producers' and consumers' interest in the important topic of animal welfare and strives to provide resources that help producers utilize the best, accepted swine care practices and help consumers recognize that pork producers are committed to responsible swine care.

The Pork Checkoff's Animal Welfare Committee directs the organization's efforts on this subject. The committee realizes that as the U.S. pork industry becomes a key player in domestic and foreign markets, the treatment of our swine may come under increased scrutiny by all our customers. The Pork Checkoff also works to monitor and correct misinformation from animal rights groups. The organization funds research and education in several priority areas, including further development of a method to assess the well-being of their animals on the farm, stress measurement, segregated early weaning, animal handling and transportation, sow housing, on-farm euthanasia, and animal space requirements.

The Pork Checkoff works to develop guidelines for producers to follow that will create a standard of excellence in care for the pork industry and encourages efforts to inform and educate the public about how they humanely raise swine. Follow these links for more details on commonly used swine care practices.

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