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Distance Learning

What Is a Distance Learning Course?
The Pork Checkoff's Distance Learning courses are interactive programs that can be executed in a variety of ways.

Available now:

                                                               Production Series DVD # 08196  - New!

The production series DVD is designed for people who are new to the pork industry or to be used as a refresher for seasoned industry veterans. The DVD includes English/Spanish versions of the following distance learning courses:

  • Farrowing Management,
  • Nursery Management,
  • Grower-Finisher Management,
  • Swine Caretaker,
  • Biosecurity in Pork Production,
  • Effective Handling of Pigs,
  • Pork Production Safety System, and
  • Breeding and Gestation Management. - Revised in 2008, the course now includes new video on estrus detection and artificial insemination.

Other distance learning courses on the DVD are presented only in English and include:

  • Swine Disease Recognition and Treatment,
  • Ventilation and Management,
  • On Farm Euthanasia of Swine, and
  • Pig Husbandry and Stockmanship.
The DVD is intended for use in a computer with a DVD drive and will not operate in a standard video (TV) DVD player.

Take the farrowing management course as an example. The farrowing management course gives a step-by-step tutorial on farrowing sows. Topic areas include pre-farrowing management, the farrowing process, processing piglets, managing a lactating sow and managing piglets.

The combination of a narrator and visual aids helps the learning process. The ability to cross reference with related topics, plus a supplemental fact sheet at the end of each chapter, allows producers access to a wide variety of information.

The courses are targeted for caretakers in the barns. The training materials are ideal for those with little or no experience, as well as for those who need a refresher course on certain subjects. The courses are user friendly, designed so even computer novices will find something they can use. Each Distance Learning course includes:

  • a main menu of the entire course and specific topics,
  • a reference section, which links to related materials and information on the topic,
  • a search function for quick access to specific information,
  • a help option for any problems you might have with the course, and
  • a print option for a hard copy of the information.

Order Distance Learning Courses (Free to U.S. Pork Producers) from the Pork Store!


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