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Farm-Level Crisis Plan
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Farm-Level Crisis Plan

This easy-to-use, customizable tool has been developed specifically for pork producers to help recognize and respond to situations with the potential to negatively impact your operation. 

The Farm-Level Crisis Response Plan Template will give you a framework for evaluating your risk of on-farm crisis situations, identifying prevention measures and responding effectively should a crisis occur.

This electronic planning tool outlines the five steps to crisis response and how to assess the intensity level of a crisis. It includes guidance in:  
  • Assembling, preparing and activating your crisis team;
  • Assessing your areas of vulnerability;
  • Determining your most important communication audiences;
  • Capturing the information needed to make timely, accurate decisions; and
  • Taking steps to control the situation using hour-by-hour checklists.
The tool is designed for your confidential use. Whether you choose to use this downloadable version or the desktop version, no information specific to your operation will be available to anyone other than your own team.
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