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Pork Checkoff's Environmental Sustainability Efforts

Safeguarding the environment comes naturally to America’s pork producers because they understand their inherent responsibility to preserve natural resources for future generations. Today, under the umbrella of environmental sustainability, producers have taken this public trust to the next level with their Checkoff investments in research into the four pillars of environmental sustainability—carbon footprint, water footprint, air footprint and land footprint.
A New Study Shows U.S. Pork's Sustainability Continues to Improve
The numbers above tell the major story of progress the American pork industry has made over the past 50 years.
To learn more about the study, click the data arrows above.
The insights and innovations found from this research will help producers maintain their role as leaders in protecting the natural resources they manage on their farms—one of the ethical principles of the pork industry’s We Caresm initiative they are committed to achieving. 
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