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Fact Sheets

Biosecurity: A Champion's Guide to Youth Swine Exhibition: Biosecurity and your Pig Project

Dehydration: A fact sheet stressing the importance of available water to swine and discussing the signs of dehydration

Food Safety: All producers are responsible for supplying a safe and wholesome product. This fact sheet discusses four main areas on a farm where producers can help to assure food safety in the products they sell
Meat Quality: A guide for youth to better understand factors that can affect pork quality
Comparing The Commercial Swine Industry & The "Show Pig" Industry: Discussing the importance for commercial swine production and the "show pig" industry to share the same goals of producing a high quality, wholesome product for consumers at an economical price

Ethics in youth Livestock Programs: A guide for the youth in the livestock industry addressing aspects of caring, respect, trustworthiness, fairness, responsiblity, and citizenship

The Porcine Stress Gene: What the Show Pig Industry Needs to Know
Estrus Detection - Help youth understand that estrus detection is the most important part of a successful artificial insemination program.
Artificial Insemination - Learn the steps to having a successful artificial insemination program at home.
Semen Management - Understanding the delivery, timing, and storage needs to semen will enable youth to be successful in artificial insemination.
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Fact Sheets


Quick Facts: The Pork Industry at a Glance