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Employee Compensation in Pork Production

The Compensation and HR Practices Survey for the swine industry was conducted for the National Pork Board by AgCareers.com during the fall of 2011. Two customized surveys were completed by a total of 214 producers, ranging from large to mid-sized operations.

For the purpose of this survey, the ‘large operations’ audience represents farms with 25,000 or more sows in production. The second audience, ‘mid-size operations,’ represents producers of a significant size that employ full-time employees other than family members. Mid-size operations are defined as those operations with less than 25,000 sows in production or over 1,000 head finishing. Survey respondents represent 46% of U.S. pork production. Topics covered included compensation, benefits, HR management, recruiting, part-time staff and safety. Information was collected for all positions on farms as well as positions in production support.


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