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Drought Pig Management Resources

Pig Management
Optimal Market Hog Weight Calculator and the Optimal Margin Calculator  - These spreadsheet programs, created by Kansas State University, can help producers find the optimal weight to finish their market pigs to based on feed costs and also see how margins are affected based on packer grids. 

Marketing Cull Sows – This original Pork Industry Handbook article outlines key steps to consider when you are considering reducing the breeding herd.

Timely Euthanasia: Well-being and Financial Implications – This fact sheet serves as a quick reference to the best methods of maintaining pig well-being, human safety and aesthetics.

On-Farm Euthanasia Guidelines
This extensive Checkoff-funded publication offers producers a comprehensive approach to euthanasia methods that maintain best practices for animals and humans. It also is available with an animated video to deploy
proper techniques.

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