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Influenza Materials

Materials for Swine Exhibitors at Fairs

Measures for exhibitoin organizer and exhibitors to minimize influenza virus transmission between swine, from people to swine, and from swine to people at swine exhibitions. This set of measures was a collaborative effort of animal and public health.

Exhibitor Letter
As the 2013 State Fair season is upon us, everyone needs to take steps to ensure that show pigs stay healthy. Influenza or “flu” occasionally can be transmitted from people to pigs and pigs to people. In order to keep you and your animals healthy and protect the pig farms across the country, here are some recommendations for you to follow.
Did you know that regardless of how many pigs you care for, whether it’s a single show pig or thousands of market hogs, you are part of the pork industry? And, just as you are responsible for keeping your show pig or pigs healthy, you share the responsibility of keeping all of the pigs in the United States healthy as well.
Please place this poster near swine exhibits to remind exhibitors of the good habits that keep you and your pigs healthy.

Materials for Visitors at Fairs

Please place this poster near the swine exhibits at fairs to reinforce the need for visitors to wash hands and reinforce the pork safety message.
Please place this poster near the farrowing displays at fairs to reinforce the tips to keep consumers and the pigs healthy.
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