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Animal Well-Being Brochures

Swine Welfare Research Publication
This publication summarizes Pork Checkoff-sponsored research in the area on swine care and well-being
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2003 Swine Care Handbook
This handbook provides the producer with scientifically based guidelines for maintaining and improving the welfare of their animals. Includes information about the pork producers code of practice, husbandry systems, management practices, environmental management, facilities and equipment, feeding and nutrition, and herd health management.
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On-Farm Euthanasia Guidelines -  Revised publication!
Because it is usually impossible or impractical for the veterinarian to be available for all euthanasia on-farm, producers themselves often need to perform humane euthanasia of pigs. This pamphlet, On-Farm Euthanasia of Swine, Recommendations for the Producer, developed in cooperation with the American Association of Swine Veterinarians offers guidelines and considerations.
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Animal Well-Being Factsheets

Pain Management Fact Sheet
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Timely Euthanasia: Well-being and Financial Implications

Captive Bolt Considerations when Humanely Euthanizing Pigs
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Animal Ethics #03524
This paper is a discussion of the role of ethics in animal agriculture. It discusses production trends and ways producers can respond to these changes and advancements.
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Animal Welfare Position Statement #2002-04685
The National Pork Board continues to support sound science as the only basis for animal welfare guideline decision-making. This Factsheet gives background information on evaluating animal welfare on the farm, and the National Pork Board's position statement on animal welfare.
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Facts On Animal Welfare: A guide for customers #04713
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Maintaining the pork industry tradition of responsible animal care through applying scientifically sound animal care guidelines #03525
Producers take pride in providing proper care to the swine on their farms. This fact sheet outlines the principles considered important for good husbandry and management on swine operations today.
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Neonatal Management Practices #04684
The neonatal stage of a piglet is a crucial time, and this factsheet highlights some costs and benefits of neonatal processing practices. This is designed for discussion about the role of such practices in agriculture.
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Sows and Space #04725
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Swine Stress and Pathogen Shedding #03526
Meeting consumer concerns about food safety and animal welfare have been identified as key points for future livestock production. In particular, meat safety has emerged as an absolute but minimum requirement for the future success of livestock and meat production. There are pathogens in raw meat that have long been traced to farm animals and can cause human illness.
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Welfare of Pigs During Transport #03527
A review of the most important scientific information on pig welfare during transport and to provide practical information.
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