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Make a Positive Difference through Operation Main Street

In 2004, the Pork Checkoff launched Operation Main Street, an intensive training program for producers to help spread the message about the pork industry. This program helps producers across the country upgrade the pork industry’s image starting at the vital local level.

Producers who participate in Operation Main Street gain public speaking experience, receive training on how to deliver a positive industry message to media and the public, and walk away ready for public presentations. Participants also receive updates on emerging issues facing the pork industry, and have the opportunity to connect with other producers. As of June 30, 2010, more than 790 speakers have been trained to give presentations.        

Reaching Out

Producers aren’t the only beneficiaries of Operation Main Street. Research shows that having producers promoting a positive image is paying off for the pork industry.

Operation Main Street speakers say they have had a positive impact by telling the industry’s story of innovation, quality and environmental stewardship. According to a survey of 9,888 audience members, 81 percent of the audience left the presentation with a positive impression when it comes to the pork industry.

81% Leave with a Positive Impression

Taking it on the Road

Are you ready to take it on the road? Operation Main Street trainings are available all over the country. Entertaining and supportive educators will assist and train you to develop your public speaking skills, as well as inform you about current issues facing the industry. Pork producers are an integral part of spreading the message and securing the future of our industry. Ensure that your community is aware about the positive aspects of the pork industry.

If you are interested in participating in Operation Main Street and attending one of the training presentations, call the Pork Checkoff Service Center at 800-456-PORK or contact:

Ernie Barnes

If you have already been trained, access the Operation Main Street website here.

Operation Main Street In the Schools 2014

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