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Jump-Start Your Pork Career

Ready to take the next steps up the career ladder? Whether you are a college student or an employee looking for a promotion, the Pork Checkoff offers educational opportunities geared toward your needs, including the Certified Swine Manager (CSM) program, the Professional Swine Manager (PSM) program and Swine Science Online. The latter two are offered in collaboration with the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence (USPCE).
“Continued professional development can open up opportunities for career advancement,” said Jim Lummus, director of producer learning and development for the Pork Checkoff. “Improving your skill set shows employers your dedication to the industry.” The Pork Checkoff’s educational programs are updated regularly with new curriculum, technology and performance practices to help you reach your goals.

Professional Swine Manager (PSM)... This program is targeted toward pork production employees, with a secondary audience of community or technical college students wanting to enter the pork production industry.  
“The PSM program is another tool to help develop knowledgeable, skilled employees,” Lummus said. “We encourage producers to incorporate it into their leadership development programs.”
PSM teaches technical skills in both a virtual classroom setting and at the farm. PSM’s classroom sessions are available nationwide and are delivered online by community college instructors with pork production experience. Classroom instruction is enhanced by the PSM program’s on-farm learning component, where students gain practical, hands-on experience.
PSM courses, which qualify as credit towards an associate degree, include:
•    Breeding stock management
•    Nursery and finishing management
•    Facility maintenance
•    Swine record systems
•    Employer/employee issues
•    Agribusiness internship
For the spring 2014 session, you can register now for:
•    Facility maintenance
•    Employer/employee issues.

To register, go to pork.org/psm.

Certified Swine Manager (CSM)... The CSM program can put swine operation managers, employees seeking promotions, students and others interested in a career in the swine industry on the fast track to success.  
 “This unique program helps develop knowledgeable, skilled employees who embody the pork industry’s We CareSM ethical principles,” Lummus said.
To earn the CSM status, you must pass a test to verify that you have the knowledge to manage a swine operation and show that you that can apply the knowledge on the job. The on-the-job evaluation covers all production phases, including farm and personnel management, breeding and gestation, farrowing and wean-to-finish.

To apply, go to pork.org/csm.

Swine Science Online... The first online undergraduate program in swine science is being offered through universities across the country. Learn scientific principles and management skills from leading university swine professors. Enroll in a single course to enhance your knowledge or complete the program for a USPCE Swine Science Online certificate.
Spring course titles include Basic Swine Science, Swine Health and Biosecurity, Pork Product and Quality Safety, Swine Environment Management, Swine Breeding and Gestation Management, Contemporary Issues in the Swine Industry, Swine Nutrition and Swine Nursery and Finishing Management.

For details, go to swinescienceonline.org.
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