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Benchmarking Becomes Simpler with Quick Facts

Pork Quick FactsBenchmarking is a powerful management tool, but finding accurate, credible data can be a challenge. The updated 2013 Quick Facts: The Pork Industry at a Glance book helps streamline the process.

“Many producers don’t have easy access to timely data to help them see how they stack up to other sectors of the pork industry nationwide,” said Chris Hostetler, director of animal science for the Pork Checkoff. “Quick Facts helps producers measure key productivity indictors like average daily gain, pigs weaned per litter, finishing weights and more.”

The user-friendly 2013 Quick Facts, which is available at Pork.org, includes the benchmarking data in the Industry Productivity Analysis section from pages 82 to 84. The numbers are based on a six-year rolling database that currently covers 2007 to 2012.

Producers can measure productivity for conventional finishers, wean-to-finish operations, swine nurseries and sow farms. Averages are noted in each section, along with data for the top 25 and bottom 25 percent of the industry. “You can see where you fall within these numbers and identify areas where you can make improvements,” Hostetler said.

Find Answers Fast
With 126 pages, Quick Facts includes a searchable format that can help you find a wealth of current information related to:

• The history of pork
• The environment (including manure and nutrient management, water quality and odor management)
• Pork safety
• Statistics on the number of U.S. hog operations, market share, exports and more
• Frequently-asked questions

“The story of pork production in America offers a unique and fascinating look at how modern livestock production has evolved,” said Chris Novak, CEO of the National Pork Board.

Quick Facts offers a convenient, reliable resource for pork producers, National Pork Board members, Pork Forum delegates, state pork organizations, Operation Main Street speakers, the media, university Extension educators, students and the general public, Novak said.

“While the economies of scale are unlike those of past decades, Quick Facts shows that pork producers remain committed to serving their communities and supplying buyers worldwide with safe, wholesome, sustainable sources of high-quality pork,” Novak said.

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