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A listing of features with most current listed first.

Roasted Peppered Pork Loin
Make the oven work for you to create this satisfying meal. Simple seasonings enchance the pork without overpowering it.

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Southwest-Spiced Roast Pork Tenderloin
Serve with mixed greens salad, Mexi-corn, and warmed rolls.

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Pork Chops and Mushroom Gravy
This classic family favorite sends tempting smells all day while it simmers in the slow-cooker. Serve with mashed potatoes, broccoli & dinner rolls.

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Checkoff Research Provides a Predictable ROI
One thing that U.S. pork producers can bank on year after year is the investment they make through the Pork Checkoff in science- and technology-based research.  

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Sausage-Spinach Quiche
Serve this with croissants and seasonal fresh fruit. This recipe can also be adapted to make small tart quiches for appetizers.

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Orange Stir-Fry
Need a meal in a flash? Have all your ingredients ready before you start to cook. Serve over steamed rice and with hot or iced jasmine tea.

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Carolina Country Style Ribs
Give a vinegar-based sauce a try with these hearty ribs. Serve with corn on the cob, baked beans, and your favorite cornbread.

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Ham Sandwich with Greens and Eggs
Celebrate Dr. Seuss with a fun sandwich to serve up to green eggs and ham.

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Goat Cheese, Pepper and Bacon Tart
Flavorful and easy to put together, this tart works well on a bruch buffet or as a side dish for a light lunch.

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Chef Celebrates Heart-Healthy Pork’s Diversity
The Pork Checkoff teamed with a Food Network Star finalist, Chef Judson Allen, to promote pork’s health benefits during American Heart Month.

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Midwestern Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
The “tender” in the name of this sandwich refers to the ease with which you can sink your teeth into it. The cut of pork is actually boneless loin, tenderized with a meat mallet.

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Pulled Pork Tostadas with Slaw and Chipotle Cream
If you like, you can use regular tortillas, warmed up, instead of the crisped ones, to make soft tacos instead of tostadas.

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Asparagus Pesto with Gnocchi and Ham
Leftover ham will work or diced with a twist. 

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Sauteed Medallions with Lemon-Garlic Sauce
Serve the pork with brown jasmine rice to soak up all the delicious lemon sauce. Steamed spinach would make a terrific accompaniment.

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Mustard-Crusted Pork Roast
Simply elegant: Pork roast wearing a mustard-and-crunchy crumb coating. Serve with hot French bread, buttered broccoli spears and a green salad.

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Puffy Omelet with Canadian Bacon Filling
Breakfast for two, serve this omelet with fresh strawberries, buttered croissants, and good coffee.

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Pork Cordon Bleu
Fix the classic Cordon Bleu using boneless pork chops. Serve with elegant dish with Caesar salad, steamed asparagus and French bread.

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Southwestern Pork and Pepper Stir-fry
This simple, spicy stir-fry is also good served over hot rice or rolled up in a flour tortilla.

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Think Safety First When Pumping Pits
Although it’s not a common occurrence, even a few reports of flash fires and explosions in hog barns should serve as a good reminder that safety is paramount.

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Portobello Pork Chops
Take the top prize and win over your dinnertime crowd by serving up this dish. Serve with a green salad and bread sticks.

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